Yves Rocher Vitamin Mist

I’ve seen just about every beautyblogger out there rave about one face mist or another. If it’s just for a facerefreshner, makeup settingspray or calming mist, they are very loved and very much talked about. So, naturally I’ve wanted to try one for ages. But I didn’t feel like spending a ton in case I didn’t like it.

This lil guy looks amazing and smells great! It doesn’t smell exactly like red grapefruit, but it comes very close. It is supposed to give your face a boost, a vitamin kick and liven things up again. It’s even supposed to work as a setting spray. Promises alot and delivers nothing! It does feel cooling and refreshing. But at the cost? It broke me out like nothing else. I’m guessing it’s all the perfumes in it. I might give it another go later on in the summer when my skin isn’t as dry and easily irritated. I want something like this with those properties that doesn’t break me out. If you have a normal easy going skin, give this a go. If not, better to stay away. You’ll find it online at yves rochers site. They have deals going on all the time.

50 ml 49 Sek (£4.44, $7.47 & €5.45 )

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