New Makeup haul!

I did it again. I totally destroyed the bank and went a bit nuts. In my defense, it could’ve been worse. I put a lot of things back in the shelves and decided to pass. I have to ban myself from doing any makeup related shopping for the next 2 months. At least!

 Oh my!
 I needed a new primer and didn’t see the harm in getting one of the hybrids. A primer/daycream hybrid. I have extremely dry skin and need something that moisturizes and fixes and keeps my face looking cute all day.
 I’ve never tried this because it’s so expensive here. So imagine my joy when I found it really cheap!
 I’ve never shopped anything for myself from The Bodyshop. It’s not typically my kind of store. But I was shopping for a friend who hapens to love their stuff and I found this. It smells amazing! It smells just like a real pink grapefruit!
 I must be on a mango kick or something, I needed a new scrub and this smelled amazing, the rest is history! I’m so looking forward to try this!
 Oh my! These FINALLY made their way over here. How long have they been available in the US? A year? Two? We are so behind on the beauty stuff  and it’s making me really mad! I got it in Peach Kiss. It smells amazing! It smells just like those candy necklaces and bracelets that was so popular in the 90’s. You know those multicolored candies on strings, shaped as bracelets and necklaces you  could wear around your neck? Yum!
 I’ve never heard of the brand before. W7? Anyway, it was really cheap and if it doesn’t meet my expectations I can’t really complain. The golden one looks a bit scary in the pan. The taupe one looks so beautiful!

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