March Favorites

I havent done one of these in a really long time! I found some great new things this month and wanted to share them with you all. You might be able to tell that the theme here is skincare and well being.

 Nothing makeupey in sight. Odd?
 Curlingwand from OBH Nordica. An awesome brand. It’s got an separate on button and 5 heat settings. This actually gets my hair curly.
 You’ve read about this already. I’m still loving it and I’l have to pick up another one today.
 My new holy grail! It’ll get a post of it’s own.
 New in and went straight for my heart! It smells amazing. Like I went straight through a shower of mango and papaya.
Hun brought this home and it totally works. Tastes yummy and gives me that extra boost in the morning to actually get on with my day.
 Amazing! Doesn’t smell so great but it soaks right in and works it’s magic.
Another product that blew me away. It cleans like nothing else and puts some moisture back in. Will be giving this a post as well. It really deserves it.
Tried any of these? Tried anything new you’ve totally fallen for?

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