Lancôme Bi-Facil

I’ve had this for absolutely ages and I cnnot come up with  single reason why I haven’t reviewed this sooner. But anyway, here it is.

Lancõme is  very high end brand and you would therefore think it is an amazing brand. I haven’t tried enough from the brand to give a good opinion on that. I was a very lucky girl about a year ago when I found this on sale and picked it up. I think I paid half price or something there about for it. I as over the moon with joy and pride! I didn’t really need it but I wanted it.
The packaging says it’s a non oily instant cleanser for sensitive eyes.Even waterproof makeup. I’m all for anything that says sensitive.
You have to agree that it looks very pretty, until you shake it. It is two substances that interact when you shake it.

As you can see I’ve used a good bit of it. I’ll be honest here, I don’t use it every day. First off, it has a very distinctive scent too it. It’s stronger than I would like. It smells like cornflower.  If it’s not oil based then it must be silicone because it leaves a greasy silky yucky recidivist on the skin which is hard to get off. I know you’re just supposed to use it on your eyes but I just had to try. And as far as eyemakeup goes it is completely worthless! It doesn’t even take off my none waterproof mascara properly! My Nivea wipes does a much better job than this! And for being so pricey it just isn’t worth it. No, if you’re thinking about buying this, give it a pass, and buy something else.

200 ml ( 6.7 fl oz ) 330 SEK ( £31 & $51 )

Have you tried it? What did you think? Do you want to try it?

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