Back for pink

When I was over in Helsingör, Denmark, the other week I found a gorgeous pink nailpolish. Due to last posts disappointment I was keen to try it out. I absolutely love the color! It’s the perfect pastelly shimmery Barbie-pink with purple and blue sparkles in it, making it a bit colder. Which suits my skincolour perfectly! I’m very fair with yellow undertones, typically scandinavian if you will. The lastingpower is about average. I did some dishes the second day and it started chipping. Bear in mind I didn’t use a clearcoat. Didn’t look to horrible but after four days I had to take it off. Only downside I’ve noticed is that it gets boilingbubbles very easily. So it must dry properly between the layers or it will get those typical boiling dots. Nailpolish has a thinning ingredient which allows us to get it out of the bottle in the first place. And as that chemical thinning ingredient disappears in contact with air the polish hardens. But as I was to eager, I put the second coat on to early, and it didn’t get the chance to disappear properly and got stuck inbetween and created those bubbles. I think that’s the best way to discribe it.

I have no idea how I messed up my glittery ringfinger. Think the two polishes went to battle and both lost.
Gosh just remembered I forgot to tell you what the name of the polish is. It’s from La Femme and apart from that it doesn’t say shade or number or anything. I paid 20DKK (23 SEK, £2,3 and $3,56 for it. Really cheap!
Have you ever managed to get those boilingbubbles or it’s just me?

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